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The Navigation Mission Challenge


Major Blunder says "check out the photos from our 2016 mission here". Or, the write-up in the JetWhine blog here.


When:  Saturday, September 10 (rain date 9/17)

 Where: West Bend Airport, EAA Chapter 1158 Hangar (white hangar, red top, middle of the field, check out the picture on the top of this web page)

 Time: Pilot Briefing promptly at 9:00 AM

 Purpose: Old School Navigation - No GPS - No Electronics -- Fly a route, find and photograph a target using a compass and clock

 The Crew:
  •  Each participating flight is a crew of three: Pilot, Co-Pilot and Judge (two-place aircraft are Pilot and Judge)
  • The Pilot flies the course at the assigned altitude and planned speed
  • The Co-Pilot assists with timing, recording, traffic watch and photography
  • The Judge assures that no electronics are used and confirms times recorded
  • Crews are requested to bring along their own co-pilot and judge, however additional flight crew may be available to fill in on the day of the event
The Route: 
  • There will be two routes – Blue: Aircraft 140 mph or higher, Red: Aircraft below 140 mph
  • Each route will consist of multiple legs and a target to be photographed
  • Each route ends at a point near the airport from which the flight will transition to the traffic pattern
  • Flight crew may use a compass and watch (or stopwatch)
  • No GPS, or GPS device may be used
  • No electronic navigation (VOR, ADF, Loran, etc.)
  • No moving map (tablet, phone, in-panel display)
  • Judges will be allowed to carry a sectional chart or tablet for emergency (lost aircraft) use only - crews using emergency sectional or equipment are disqualified

A Briefing will be conducted for all participating crews:

  • Crews will be provided with a map containing -
    • Route of flight
    • Flak and Enemy Fighter Concentrations to avoid
    • Rudimentary landmarks to allow enroute calculations
    • Basic terrain height and obstacle data
  • Crews will be provided with all frequencies required to conduct the flight
  • Crews will be provided with total distance data in order to calculate fuel consumption and reserve requirements
  • Crews will be provided a weather briefing, including winds aloft forecast and expected enroute weather

Flight Safety and Separation: 

  • Crews will submit a flight plan to the Air Boss containing planned flight speed
  • Aircraft will be assigned to depart in order of Fastest to Slowest
  • Aircraft will be assigned an altitude
  • Traffic Pattern Departure and arrival procedures will be assigned and briefed
  • Participating aircraft will be released for departure at 5 minute intervals

Criteria for Success:

  • Crew must complete the mission without electronic or sectional chart aid
  • Crew must record predicted route leg times and actual route leg times
  • Crew must successfully locate and photograph the (right) target
  • Crew must successfully return to base

The crew that achieves all of the above with the lowest time differential (predicted vs. actual) will be deemed the "Lead Crew" with attendant celebration.

NOTE:  These specifications are subject to change and refinement.

For more information, or to make suggestions, e-mail Event Coordinator Howard Schlei,





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